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  • Dear David...

    Banking: 01.9.14, 02:42: The Financial System Inquiry (FSI) has received over 6,500 submissions in response to the David Murray-led panel’s interim report. Some submissions have been made public by their authors while others have been published periodically from 29 August on the FSI website.

  • Card surcharges dip but more charge them

    Banking: 15.10.13, 06:00: Australian merchants are charging consumers lower surcharges on credit card transactions but an increasing number of merchants are passing on merchant service fees to their customers.

  • P&N Bank $300m RMBS; RBA on data privacy

    Banking, Capital Markets: 03.10.13, 06:00: P&N Bank will price $300 million residential mortgage-backed securities and the Reserve Bank of Australia proposes more borrowers’ privacy when disclosing details of loans underlying securitisations.

  • Australia to lead world retail payments

    Banking, Technology: 29.8.13, 06:00: The Reserve Bank of Australia said the country is on track to have a retail payments system at the global frontier in three years’ time.

  • APRA outlines new liquidity framework

    Banking: 09.8.13, 06:00: The Australian prudential supervisor has specified the conditions under which the country’s larger banks could turn to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) for emergency liquidity support.

  • No risk of Australian house building boom

    Banking: 31.7.13, 06:00: The recovery in housing construction is relatively mild compared with previous ones and is no barrier to another interest rate cut, according to industry analysts.

  • RBA banknote case shows up whistle-blower laws

    Banking: 31.7.13, 06:00: The fallout from the Reserve Bank’s banknote printing operations underscores the need for stronger whistle-blower protection and reforms to anti-corruption laws.

  • Central bank shenanigans upset ANZ

    Banking: 08.7.13, 06:00: The economists at ANZ had to change their timing for an interest rate cut twice last week after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) deviated from its usual sombre modus operandi.

  • Australia goes beyond Basel III

    Capital Markets: 03.7.13, 06:00: The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is doing a great job of making Australia’s banking system even more robust than is required under the new Basel III regulatory framework.

  • Sluggish credit, sluggish economy

    Banking, Capital Markets: 01.7.13, 06:00: The Reserve Bank of Australia’s 200 basis point reduction in interest rates has failed to entice businesses and households to take on any more debt.